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What is Clifford Material Testing and Why its Important in Holistic Dentistry.

Each day we come in contact with a wide range of chemical substances that are commonly found in everything from our food, beauty products, cleaning solutions, and even in the environment. While many of us come in contact with these substances, not everyone will react to them in the same way. Some may feel no adverse reactions at all to these substances while others may experience an extreme toxicity to these same materials.

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When it comes to holistic dentistry, a patient's individual sensitivities and safest methods of treatment are at the forefront of any dentistry care. No two patients are alike, which is why sensitivity screening and testing are highly recommended.

Formally known as the Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing or CMRT, is a lab screening test that gives your holistic provider an accurate and extensive insight into your unique, individual sensitivities. This testing process will help to prevent the use of dental materials and products that may cause you discomfort due to chemical sensitivity.

How Clifford Material Testing Works

When a potentially harmful substance enters our bodies and begins to break down and decompose, it creates byproducts, or antigens, that our body may deem as harmful or toxic. In some cases, sensitivities to these byproducts can potentially cause illness or even more serious health conditions.

If these byproducts, or antigens, are determined by the body to be toxic, antibodies will be created in defense to ward off the toxic presence in the body. During these events, the body maintains an on-going immunologic record of the antigen's chemical families that it considers to be toxic. Because each patient responds differently to chemicals and other substances, it's important that your dental care takes into consideration possible sensitivities to various dental materials and products.

Clifford Material Testing gives holistic dentistry providers the ability to access this immunologic record to gain a clear understanding of your specific chemical and byproduct sensitivities. This testing process will identify specific chemical sensitivities that your body has and allows your holistic provider to create a customized treatment plan that uses the safest materials and products that work best for you.

Your blood serum lab-screening test will help to identify dental products and materials that may potentially cause you discomfort. By choosing to perform the Clifford Test screening, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have an additional layer of protection when it comes to your holistic dentistry treatment plan.

At Princeton Center For Dental Aesthetics & Implants, a Clifford Testing screening is part of our holistic treatment protocol. Call us today, 609-924-1414, for a screening appointment.


Dr. Kiersten Huckel

Dr. Kiersten Huckel

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